Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Merry Christmas!

God Provides at Christmas!

     Wow!  Can you believe that this is the tenth Christmas letter that Justapreacher Ministries has sent out?  We are truly amazed at God's blessings, and praising God for the many ways that He has creatively provided for this ministry in the last ten years.
     Have you ever thought about why the wise men arrived after the birth of Jesus and gave Him the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh?  Many believe that the three gifts had symbolic meanings.  The gold for His kingship.  The frankincense for His priestly role, and the myrrh for His death.  These underlying meanings are very probable and powerful in their symbolism, but there may be more.
     In Isaiah 60:1-11, we see a future prophecy about how in the Millennial Kingdom the nations will bring their wealth to Israel to bless them in the time that God restores the fortunes of Israel.  In verse 6 of Isaiah 60, we see the people bringing gold and frankincense.  These are valuable gifts that will be brought as financial blessing to Israel in the future.  I believe, along with the symbolism, that when the wise men brought Jesus the gifts, they are also giving a financial blessing to Mary and Joseph that will be needed in the days to come.
     You see, God was about to send them to Egypt to hide from Herod and his murderous attempt to kill the Messiah.  God knew what Mary and Joseph's financial needs would be when they ran to Egypt.  He blessed them with what they needed for the upcoming trip by the gifts of the Magi. 
     God does not change.  (Hebrews 13:8)  That is one of the many ways that God has creatively provided for this ministry over the last ten years.  Not only does He provide through those of you who give monthly, or throughout the year, He also uses generous gifts at the end of the year to provide what we need for what He knows is to come in the future.  Just like He did for Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.
     God has so blessed this ministry through your generous gifts that we are able to travel to churches that feel they don't have the funds to cover the expenses involved in bringing God's Word to them.  In essence, God is using you just like He did the wise men!  Only God knows what the future needs of this ministry will be, and whatever He puts on your heart to give will fully provide for that need.  Just like it has for these past ten years.  We cannot thank you all enough.  And we thank God for you as well, and pray that because of your generosity He will provide for all of your needs in the future just as He has promised to do for those who give generously to His work (Philippians 4:19).  We love you all, and wish you and your family a very worship-filled Christmas season!
   In Christ's Overwhelming Love,
   Jim, Becky, Nicole, Elise, and AJ 

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