Principles of a God-Centered Church

God may not duplicate a method.

There is no permanent "there", here on Earth. So keep moving with God.

God already has the plan, use His.

There are no volunteers in the church, only the called.

God designed the church to do the work, not just the pastors.

Getting back to Biblical fellowship.

The lost art of abiding: doing less, accomplishing more.

Learning to recognize where people are responding to God's Spirit.

Pastor/Christian Ministry Leader,

Thank you for allowing me to introduce you to The Principles of a God-Centered Church. These principles have been developed from my pastoral experiences and studies over the last 20 years. In this day of churches trying the latest fad or program or method, God has burdened me with the fact that He does not want churches to seek a formula. He wants His people to seek Him. When we think we have found a formula, we stop abiding in Him. This is why God has a specific plan for each local body of believers – so we will follow Him instead of a formula.

These Biblical principles can be presented to your church in a number of formats. When these principles are followed and applied, the local body becomes the healthy, effective organism that God desires for it to be.

I have seen God glorify Himself by taking struggling churches, and healthy ones, and as they apply these principles, He does in their midst what only He can do! If you would like more information on The Principles of a God-Centered Church, or would like to schedule me to speak to your church or Christian ministry, please contact me at

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